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Fujitsu P8010: Price, Battery, Performance

Round Up: Five Powerful, Light Ultraportables


An appropriate price for this supposedly business-savvy computer is $1699; instead, Fujitsu charges $1969. Quite simply, it is overpriced compared to its competitors. With slightly-above average performance, and mediocre battery life, it is close to being on-par with the Toshiba R500. But even though the Fujitsu is a bit tougher than the Toshiba, it’s also quite a bit thicker and heavier. Other than a definitively prettier display and more rugged body, it has nothing on the Toshiba but an additional cost of $250. Ouch. Asus commands a similar price for the U2E, but the U2E’s a luxury notebook made of leather.

Oddly, Fujitsu has other models of the P8010 with 1 GB less memory and a smaller hard drive for $1,699. That’s more like it. Fujitsu, it’s time for a holiday sale.

Price score: 2.5

Battery Life

With its 8700 mAh (both design and actual capacity) 7.2 V battery, the Fujitsu P8010 ran for 143 minutes in our BatteryEater Pro battery life tests. That put it in third place among our five ultraportable notebooks.

Battery Life score: 3.45


The Fujitsu was somewhat limited in our performance tests by its relatively slow 1.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SL7100 CPU. However, the P8010 wasn’t held back by its hard drive, which is a 5,400 RPM SATA model, and the equal of the drives in the best performers in this ultraportable notebook roundup.

Performance score: 3.16

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