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Benchmark Results: Hybrid Gaming

Move Over G45: Nvidia's GeForce 9300 Arrives

In order to realize a gain from GeForce Boost or Hybrid CrossFire, each configuration’s driver needs to include a profile for the game being run. Nvidia’s GeForce 9300 has clearly been optimized for Crysis, as we’re now seeing average frame rates in the 30 fps range at 800x600, up from 18. The 790GX doesn’t see those gains with its Radeon HD 3470, though. Intel’s G45 can take a discrete add-in board, but it isn’t able to run any sort of cooperative rendering mode.

The opposite happens in Unreal Tournament 3, where AMD’s 790GX picks up significant performance while Nvidia’s GeForce 9300 doesn’t speed up at all. The difference is enough for the onboard Radeon HD 3300 to take a first place finish.

Again, AMD takes the lead by passing the GeForce 9300 at every resolution and offering fairly playable frame rates at 800x600, given World in Conflict’s RTS style.

The performance pick-up is astounding on both cards in Supreme Commander, but the gain isn’t enough to make this title playable. You’re going to want more graphics and more processing power.

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