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Benchmark Results: Page Load Times

Web Browser Grand Prix 2: The Top 5 Tested And Ranked

Our Page Load Time tests underwent some changes since the last Web Browser Grand Prix. We've updated the lineup to reflect the top five most visited Web sites, according to Quantcast. The new selection includes Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, and MSN. These sites were saved to the hard drive on June 19th, 2010.

Run from the hard drive, this set of tests provides a controlled laboratory perspective on the theoretical, best-case-scenario page load times, and therefore may differ greatly from real-world performance.


Google's browser is the fastest at loading the Google homepage, followed closely by its WebKit cousin, Apple Safari. Firefox and IE8 take third and fourth, while Opera drags far behind, almost doubling Mozilla's time.


Firefox manages to load the Facebook homepage the fastest. Chrome follows by 20 milliseconds, with Internet Explorer another twenty behind Chrome. Safari takes fifty milliseconds longer than IE, and Opera comes in last.


Chrome takes back the top spot for Yahoo! page load time, trailed this time by the browsers from Microsoft and Apple. Struggling to keep up is Opera, and then Firefox.


Chrome yet again takes the gold by a solid margin, followed by Firefox and Opera in a near dead heat. IE8 is just 20 ms behind Opera, while Safari flounders at over five hundred milliseconds.


Chrome finishes first for a fourth time in our page load tests. IE has another good showing at second place. Safari is in third with Opera closely in tow. Firefox is again defeated, finishing last and taking nearly twice as long as Opera.

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