Web Browser Grand Prix 2: The Top 5 Tested And Ranked

Benchmark Results: Standards Testing

This section includes standards compliance benchmarks like Acid 3, the new HTML5Test.com, and the CSS3 Selectors Test. While they're not speed tests like the rest of our Web Browser Grand Prix, these benchmarks are extremely important to a browser's ability to properly render Web pages using the latest standards.

With the exception of the Acid 3 completion times, these scores will be held separate from our final judgment on speed, but they will factor into our overall conclusion of performance.

HTML5 Test

Google Chrome takes the HTML5 compliance test by storm, earning a solid 32 point lead over second-place finisher Safari. Apple manages to pull off a slight upset, beating Opera by six points. Firefox places fourth, twenty points behind Opera's 159. As expected, IE8 flunks out, earning a meager 27 points.

CSS3 Selectors Test

Firefox tops the list for CSS3, bringing in a full 578 points. Opera places second with 576, while Chrome and Firefox tie for third with 574. Internet Explorer once again occupies last place, scoring only 349 points out of a possible 578.

Acid 3: Pass/Fail

Chrome, Opera, and Safari receive perfect scores of 100 in the Acid 3 test. Firefox also gets an A at 94 out of 100. Internet Explorer predictably fails, managing to only score twenty points out of the possible hundred.

Acid 3: Speed

In order to call a definitive winner, and to determine placement, we compared the completion times of the three browsers that earned perfect scores in Acid 3.

Opera slaughters the browsers from both Apple and Google. The Norwegian app finishes Acid 3 in almost half the time it takes Safari or Chrome. While I'm sure someone will point out that we are talking about partial seconds here, let me just say that we're also talking about half the time to achieve the same score. A decisive victory is won by Opera. Apple Safari beats Google Chrome by a mere 0.03 seconds to come in second.

  • The Lady Slayer
    July 7th - Firefox 4 beta released.
    Tom's impending road test STILL BEHIND THE TIMES
  • I agree. Firefox 4 was supposed to have the major speed up (especially in startup time.)
  • But you know what, apple said they have the world's fastest browser. I think we should just pack up and call it a day. The spoken word of god is indisputable...
  • makotech222
    FF4 also has hardware acceleration
  • Tamz_msc
    I'm very happy to see my beloved Firefox's performance.Whatever people say about Opera and Chrome, Firefox is the best IMO.And Apple is proved to be a liar from this article.
  • Poisoner
    Honestly, does browser speed matter?
  • Tamz_msc
    Forgot to add:I cant wait for the final release of FF 4!
  • Maziar
    Great review,
    Have to wait for FF4 release to see how it performs compared to others
  • mx2138
    I've been using Firefox for about to two years now. I can't get enough of adblock plus. One of my favorite plug-ins.
  • wittermark
    lmao @ FFfanboys other review sites posted FF4 numbers, its performance is pathetic to say the least.