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Performance Benchmarks: Page Load Times

Web Browser Grand Prix 5: Opera 11.50, Firefox 5, And Chrome 12


WebKit-based browsers Chrome and Safari are the fastest at loading; each takes 20 and 22 milliseconds, respectively. Firefox 5 comes in third at just under 30 milliseconds. Close behind in fourth place is Opera, with a time of just 30 milliseconds, while IE9 places fifth at just over 42 milliseconds.


IE9 takes first place, loading the world's second-most popular Web site in just 44 milliseconds. The WebKit-based browsers again place closely, with Chrome taking 77.6 milliseconds and Safari taking 78.6. Opera is again a very near fourth place, taking just 91.4 milliseconds to load Facebook. The new Firefox trails far behind the pack at 132.8 milliseconds.


Chrome again takes the lead when it comes to loading another Google property; it renders YouTube in just under 200 milliseconds. Rivals IE9 and Firefox 5 come in a close second and third place (respectively), both taking around 280 milliseconds to load YouTube. Opera places a distant fourth at just over 600 milliseconds, while Safari comes in fifth at around 650.


IE9 is the first to load the Yahoo! home page, managing to finish the render in around 280 milliseconds. Chrome finishes second at just over 370 milliseconds. Safari is a distant third, taking almost 700 milliseconds. Opera places fourth with a time of just over 800 milliseconds, and Firefox 5 is last, eating up a full second.


Chrome finishes first, taking only 544.2 milliseconds. Firefox comes in second place with a score of 730 milliseconds. Safari is the third-place finisher with a time of 880 milliseconds. Opera trails behind the pack at 1.25 seconds, while surprisingly, IE9 takes a full 2.5 seconds to load its own default home page.

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