Web Browser Grand Prix 5: Opera 11.50, Firefox 5, And Chrome 12

Performance Benchmarks: HTML5


JSGameBench is a new addition to the Web Browser Grand Prix. This benchmark was created by developers at Facebook to test HTML5 gaming performance.

Firefox 5 surges ahead of the pack to take first place with a score of over 3000. IE9 earns a respectable second-place victory with just over 2200 points, and Chrome receives a score of just under 700 to finish third. Safari and Opera languish behind in fourth and fifth place with scores of 233 and 154, respectively.


We dropped the original two-pixel version of the GUIMark2 HTML5 Vector Charting test and are now solely looking at the much more believable single-pixel variant. Like the GUIMark2 Flash tests, we've combined the GUIMark2 HTML5 scores into a single average, which we will be including in our placing tables. The Detail chart below contains the three individual test scores (vector charting [one-pixel variant], bitmap gaming, and text columns).

Achieving nearly 34 frames per second, Opera is the top performer in the vector charting portion of the GUIMark2 HTML5 benchmark. Safari comes in second with just under 29 FPS. Firefox is close behind in third place with a score of 24.6 FPS. IE9 places fourth with 23 FPS, while Chrome falters with the only score below 20 frames per second.

Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 5 own the HTML5 bitmap gaming test, with Microsoft's browser earning just over 60 FPS, and Mozilla just under. Far behind in third place at 33 FPS is Google Chrome. Fourth place goes to Opera at 20 FPS, with last-place finisher Safari achieving a meager ten frames per second.

Again it's Firefox and Internet Explorer way out in front in the text column test, the former with 58 FPS and the latter with 55. Third place again goes to Chrome with almost half the score of the IE9 and Firefox: 33 FPS. Safari and Opera round out the placing at fourth and fifth (respectively), with Safari close to 30 FPS and Opera closer to 25. Now let's take a look at the composite:

When looking at the average scores of all three GUIMark2 HTML5 tests, it's Firefox 5 that takes the lead with just over 47 frames per second. IE9 is closely behind in second with a composite score of just under 46 frames per second. Chrome is in third with over 28 FPS, and Opera is a close fourth-place finisher at 26.5 FPS. Safari places last with just under 23 frames per second.

Asteroids HTML5 Canvas And JavaScript 2D

Internet Explorer takes the lead in Asteroids with the sought-after result of 60 FPS. Chrome is in second place at 51 FPS. Opera comes in third with a score of 42 frames per second. Safari finishes fourth at 25 FPS, while Firefox 5 flails in fifth with only 20 FPS.

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  • cadder
    Will you guys please investigate the SECURITY of each browser? I would use the one that is most secure even if it is slowest.
  • adampower
    Wow, it seems like I upgrade my browsers every week.
    Now if just Google would release a 64-bit Chrome browser.
  • Other Comments
  • adampower
    Wow, it seems like I upgrade my browsers every week.
  • Anonymous
    somehow it seems that firefox is focussing more on benchmarks rather than actual real world usage.
  • Anonymous
    opera keeps impressing me throughout the WBGP
    Now if just Google would release a 64-bit Chrome browser.
  • Tamz_msc
    First of all, this is the most thorough WBGP yet.
    somehow it seems that firefox is focussing more on benchmarks rather than actual real world usage.

    I don't think so - proper page loads and battery life are important considerations.

    I agree that Mozilla did not do a right thing in copying Chrome's release cycle, but at least they're trying - for example, they're trying hard in bringing down memory usage by increasing the garbage collection frequency(check this out in the Aurora and Nightly builds).

    WBGP is basically a test of speed, and Chrome may have won in that, but Firefox is not far behind. I can wait for two or three seconds for my page to load. You can easily bring down the page load times by using addons like AdBlock Plus.

    Even with the faster release cycle, this article clearly states that Firefox is still the most stable browser. Many people say that they've had numerous crashes, but its something wrong with their drivers or OS - I have not had a single crash since FF 4.0 beta 5 (or 7?), when they introduced hardware acceleration for the first time.

    Firefox remains the most customizable browser, while Opera has the most number of features out-of-the-box.

    So overall, according to me Firefox>=Opera>Chrome>IE 9> Safari.
  • cadder
    Will you guys please investigate the SECURITY of each browser? I would use the one that is most secure even if it is slowest.
  • Tamz_msc
    Anonymous said:
    Will you guys please investigate the SECURITY of each browser? I would use the one that is most secure even if it is slowest.

    That's easy: FF+AdBlock Plus+ NoScript+Ghostery+BrowserProtect
  • ChiefTexas_82
    IE 9 is a speed demon? I droped IE because it started running like ****. I blame loading too many side programs after years on the web. So I wanted to try Chrome or Firefox. Being a Google fan already, I tried Chrome. So far it leaves my old IE8 in the dust. Except for a certain bug, I would say it has been an improvement in almost every way.
  • ChiefTexas_82
    I don't like how Nvidia's GPU auto-detect doesn't work on chrome.
  • thartist
    Damn, Opera has it's flaws but it's nonetheless the one that does one thing best: browsing.
  • wheredahoodat
    I have personally along others have remained loyal to Firefox for years, but the latest moves have been are puzzling. Despite the benchmarks, they have not addressed bad cold start up problems (test on netbooks not on desktop rigs to find out), and the Firefox 4/5 new javascript engine has been a nightmare memory wise causing many to banish Firefox or remain with version 3.6 on older computers.

    Also instead of prioritizing the electrolysis project which would have made Firefox as snappy as Chrome, they are wasting their time on the Azure graphics project to replace a only few months old Cairo engine for marginal benefit because html 5 is still just the future, with no real significant penetration for the web.

    Mozilla can only push their base so far with their incompetence. Back then there was no real competition or alternative for a big market share, standard compliance browser. However there is now a real alternative with Chrome, and Firefox's gradual but definite market share hemorrhaging has shown that incompetence has consequences.
  • beavermml
    which one is the best in term of security out of box?
  • akorzan
    On the last page in the table and row "proper page loads," why is Opera in twice and no Safari?
    Surely, this is a typo.
  • Maziar
    Thanks for the review,I was waiting for this !
  • andy5174
    No doubt that Chrome is notably faster than Firefox so that I can feel the difference easily. However, Chrome lacks many useful features/add-ons offered by Firefox that I've been using for years. This is the main and only reason that Firefox is still my default browser.
  • obarthelemy
    I'm still uncomfortable with those kind of tests. Especially because they don't take into account out-of-the-box features and creature comforts. I have all 4 installed (no Safari), and I find use Opera most, because it does very good Mouse Gestures, tab management, and synch. Without any addons ! I find Addons a very mixed blessing: I had plenty of headaches with FFox's, what with compatibility issues when upgrading FFox, bug and slow/ban/non-existent support... I find that having all required functionnality included in the base browser is a big plus, more-so for non-techies.
  • Anonymous
    How can you place Firefox in Memory Usage as strong. This thing is leaking all over the place. Should you review your methodology?
    PS I m an early adopter of FF since 2.0 but I consider switching due to this memory issue.
  • johnsmithhatesVLC
    Firefox is the only browser that can block all ads properly. It's also the most reliable at page loading as the WGP has proven. I really don't care about millisecond differences in page loads. Firefox is the best to me.
  • lucas1024
    Thanks for including the reliability test! I had almost convinced myself to switch to Chrome from FF5, because of the memory usage, but not anymore - I do like my pages to load every time and I routinely have 30-40 tabs open.
  • neiroatopelcc
    page 3 :
    64-bit Desktop Test System
    Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit)