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Benchmark Results: Audio And Video Encoding

Origin PC Eon11-S: Great Gaming Performance From A Tiny Notebook?

With a CPU operating 100 MHz slower and with 25% less shared L3 cache, the Eon11-S's Core i7-3720QM falls only slightly behind the Racer 2.0's Core i7-3820QM on paper and in our single-threaded audio encoding results. Lucidlogix’s software imparts minimal overhead in non-graphics workloads, which is what we were hoping to see.

HandBrake and MainConcept suffer a little bit more as a result of the Eon11-S’s lower-end CPU. We'd point out that both processor options are available from Origin PC and Eurocom. However, Origin chose the chip that it did believing overall value would be better. We'll explore that hypothesis shortly.

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