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Enterprise Workload Performance

Micron's RealSSD P400e: Affordable SSD Storage For The Enterprise?

Our synthetic enterprise workload tests subject each SSD to standard database, file server, and Web server profiles in Iometer.

The database metric, also categorized as transaction processing, involves purely random I/O (67% reads and 33% writes) and 8 KB transfers.

Purely stressing random accesses, Micron's P400e really struggles in the database workload. After conditioning, it settles into a low performance state that drags down its numbers.

Again dominated by random I/O, the file server test is biased toward read operations. Predictably, then, the P400e falls further behind the SSD 320 and 710.

The Web server profile consists completely of random reads, which should show the P400e at another disadvantage. However, because we employ many different transfer sizes (not just 4 KB), the P400e manages modest performance. Although Micron's MLC-based enterprise SSD still falls into last place, its position isn't as dire.

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