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Benchmark Results: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky

PCIe And CrossFire Scaling: Does Nvidia's NF200 Fix P55?

Clear Sky requires a great deal of GPU power in order to generate high frame rates, but usually differentiates for bandwidth only at its highest settings.

At 1920x1200 with 4x multi-sample anti-aliasing (MSAA) enabled, we finally reach a point where the single GPU simply isn’t good enough to achieve 40 frames per second (FPS). For that, we needed two graphics processors, and it didn’t matter which motherboard we added them to.

At 2560x1600, a reason to buy a more expensive X58 or NF200-equiped P55 motherboard finally emerges. Three Radeon HD 5870 graphics cards were required at this setting, but only the top-three motherboards could take advantage of the added computational power to produce playable frame rates (above 40 FPS average).

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