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CrossFire Scaling Results: Far Cry 2 And H.A.W.X.

PCI Express And CrossFire Scaling: Is P55 Good Enough?

Far Cry 2 results are nearly opposite those of Crysis, with a third card adding performance at the highest resolution even when configured on the P55. Two cards on X58 still beat that configuration on average, even though this particular X58 motherboard generally performs around 0.5% slower than this particular P55 model.

Adding higher details and AA to Far Cry 2 makes the P55-based three-card configuration look better than both dual-GPU solutions, which once again runs counter to our Crysis results. And yet, X58 still reigns supreme.

As with Far Cry 2, H.A.W.X. gains more performance from a third GPU than it loses from poor bandwidth on the P55. However, that’s not to say bandwidth doesn’t help somewhat, as the X58 triple-card configuration remains significantly faster.

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