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CrossFire Scaling Results: Clear Sky And World In Conflict

PCI Express And CrossFire Scaling: Is P55 Good Enough?

So far we’ve seen that adding a third graphics card to the P55’s slower x4 slot can either help or hurt overall performance, depending on how much bandwidth a particular game needs. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. usually favors more GPU power, placing the P55 triple-GPU solution exactly between the two dual-GPU configurations and the X58 triple-GPU array.

Only at our highest test setting does the P55’s poor-performing third slot become a serious hindrance to graphics performance, with the triple-GPU P55 platform dropping behind the dual-GPU X58 only at this setting. Three cards on the X58 remain superior.

World in Conflict shows similar performance between dual-GPU X58 and triple-GPU P55 configurations at our basic settings, but when adding higher details, AA and anisotropic filtering (AF) shift the performance curve to favor more GPUs. Higher bandwidth keeps the X58 in the lead.

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