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Benchmark Results: Synthetics

Phenom II X2 555 Vs. Pentium G6950: New Budget Dual-Core Titans

As per usual, we begin our benchmarks with the synthetics:

3DMark has the distinction of being the only synthetic benchmark that the overclocked Pentium G6950 completed before it died. This makes for an interesting contrast to our real-world gaming results, though, as those metrics demonstrate the stock G6950 suffering a notable performance penalty versus the stock Phenom II X2 555. This is something we don't see here.

The PCMark tests show similar Phenom II X2 555 and Pentium G9650 scores across the board. The overclocked Phenom II does manage to provide a substantial increase in the productivity score, however. The Core i7-750 has a nice lead in most of the benchmarks, but is surpassed slightly by the overclocked Phenom II X2 555 in the productivity test.

SiSoft Sandra is well-optimized for threading, and here we see the Core i5-750 demonstrate a huge lead in theoretical calculation performance. The Phenom II CPU seems to fare better than the Pentium when it comes to multi-media and memory bandwidth, the latter a result of the Pentium's on-package (but off-die) memory controller.

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