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Benchmark Results: Crysis (DX10)

Gaming Across Three Screens: GTX 460, GTX 480, And Quad-SLI

Crysis has been known, since the day of its release, as an frame rate demolisher, and we’ve kept it around just to see if anything is ever capable of pushing its limits.

With results like these, we really had to look to the game’s minimum FPS to get a clear idea of which resolutions are supported by what hardware.

The good news for mid-budget gamers is that spanning across three 720p displays is possible with a pair of GeForce GTX 460 cards, with the higher 4x AA test reading a minimum 26 FPS. The cheaper cards even pull a playable 21 FPS minimum across three 1600x900 monitors with AA disabled.

Two GeForce GTX 480 units span three 1080p displays at a minimum of 22 FPS with AA disabled, but enabling AA at that resolution requires quad-SLI.

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