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Benchmark Results: World Of Warcraft (DX9)

AMD Radeon HD 6990 4 GB Review: Antilles Makes (Too Much) Noise

Platform potential seems to make a ton of difference in WoW. I ran my GeForce GTX 560 Ti review using an overclocked Sandy Bridge-based configuration, and that system demonstrated all kinds of separation between cards. Here, however, a Gulftown-based build running at the same 4 GHz suggests there’s a ton of congestion.

The Nvidia cards are least-constrained by processor performance, and they consistently best all of AMD’s cards. This is exactly consistent with what we saw in World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm--Tom's Performance Guide.

When it comes time to turn on anti-aliasing, though, the Radeon HD 6990s take the smallest performance hit. Even still, you can run Cataclysm at 2560x1600 with 8x MSAA on a Radeon HD 6950 and still average more than 60 frames per second. There’s really no reason to buy such a high-end card for this fairly mid-range title.

Incidentally, World of Warcraft is the other game where AMD’s beta driver exhibits a flickering/shimmering menu screen at 1680x1050.

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