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Radeon HD 7990 And GeForce GTX 690: Bring Out The Big Guns

After seeing the previous page's power figures, we’re bracing ourselves for a lot of heat. How well do EVGA, HIS, and PowerColor deal with hot GPUs, and can they effectively keep them from affecting other components in your case?

All of the graphics cards are at about the same temperature level at idle. Installing them into a chassis only affects them slightly.

As the performance demands increase, EVGA's card becomes increasingly hot, finishing at a toasty 88 degrees cranking on a compute workload in a closed chassis. The company clearly tried to create a compromise between performance, cooling, and noise, allowing its GK104 processors to heat up more in the interest of keeping fan speeds moderate.

PowerCooler's Devil13 HD7990 sports the largest cooler, which really shows in thermal numbers that honestly surprise us, particularly given the power levels on the previous page. HIS' 7970 X2 does well, but it struggles against the Phantom 820. The case's included side fan blows hot air back into the card.

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