Reinforcements: 6 New Athlon Boards With VIA's KT133A

IWill KK266-R

Board Revision: 1.1

BIOS Version: Januar 8, 2001

The latest motherboard from IWill comes in a nice plastic shell inside the box. There you can also find a driver CD, some flat cables, a comprehensive manual as well as a RAID guide. IWill put the MG80649 IDE RAID controller from American Megatrends on their motherboard, giving you two additional IDE channels (the chip can be disabled by jumper). As the other RAID chips too, this one supports mirroring, striping or a combination of both (RAID 1, 0 or 10).

You will get six PCI slots (even though IDE RAID and a sound system are already on board), one ISA, one AGP 4x slot, three DIMMs for up to 1.5 GB SDRAM memory, two line-ins for the PCI sound system and three fan headers. That's the first hint on the excellent overclocking capabilities. The Smart Setting (that's IWill's name for the soft setup) allows the selection of any clock speed between 100 and 132 or between 133 and 166 MHz. To enable successful overclocking, you may also freely choose the core voltage in increments of 0.025 V between 1.525 and 1.850 V.

Another nice feature is the variety of boot devices. Among the standard options (FDD, IDE, ZIP, LAN, SCSI), you can also choose USB-FDD, USB-HDD, USB-ZIP and USB-CDROM.

On the motherboard you can set JP10 to 1-2 or to 2-3 in order to raise the I/O voltage by 5% or 10%.

IWill placed the big capacitors far away from the CPU socket, which should allow the usage of any cooler you like.

Last but not least this motherboard scored some pretty good results, combined with excellent reliability and a complete shipment. Overclockers should become very happy with the various features, so that this board is definitely one of the most powerful and flexible Athlon platforms right now.

That's how IWill's new plastic box looks like.

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