Reinforcements: 6 New Athlon Boards With VIA's KT133A

MSI K7T Turbo

Board Revision: 3

BIOS Version: 1.0B15 (January 17, 2001)

Micro Star International equipped their motherboard with six PCI slots, no ISA, one CNR, one AGP 4x slot including a locking system for the graphics card, three DIMM sockets for up to 1.5 GB of SDRAM memory and an IDE RAID controller chip from Promise Technology. There is also a little PC speaker already on board, which makes the case speaker obsolete.

The capacitors have been spaced out around the CPU socket, not causing any obstruction to large coolers. An AC97 sound system with three line-in connectors is present as well as two fan headers.

The sample motherboard we received seems to use an early BIOS version, even though the board comes labeled with revision 3, as the performance has not been as good as what we are used from MSI. As you could see with the Asus board, a simple BIOS update can easily improve the overall performance by some points. I'm quite sure that this is also possible with the K7T Turbo.

MSI's D-LED feature gives you four LEDs on the back panel of the motherboard. They will always inform the user about the system status during boot up. A little D-LED booklet informs you about the meaning of each LED combination.

Due to the sample box, we did not get the full retail shipment as well. However, stability-problems were absolutely no issue with this motherboard.

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