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Shuttle X-Type Drive Installation

Shuttle XS29F: Is VIA's Nano Processor Powerful Enough?

Shuttle’s Mini-ITX book-style barebones include a 12V/5A external power supply, AC power cord, driver CD, drive mounting screws, SATA optical and hard drive cables, and an installation manual.

Because external power is 12V, many readers might consider adding a Shuttle X-type mini PC to their cars. Doing so would still require a 12V regulator however, since automotive electrical systems typically range between 12 and 14.5 volts.

Removing the lid reveals a slide-out drive cage. This is the best time to install any memory modules.

We borrowed an Opticarc BC-5500S notebook Blu-ray disk drive from a review sample notebook, since the optical drives of our own notebooks lacked the appropriate SATA interface.

Though no longer a performance part, the Seagate Momentus 7200.2 performs similarly to modern mainstream drives.

Flipping Shuttle’s drive cage over allows easy installation of the hard drive and optical drive, in that order. The screws on one side of the hard drive are difficult to reach once the optical drive has been attached.

Attaching the cables while holding the drive cage near its mounted position, than sliding it into position, finishes drive installation. Though our drive supported “soft eject” from within the OS, the case’s drive cover must be opened manually. A secondary cover hides front-panel USB ports and headset jacks.

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