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Benchmarks Results: Ultra Quality, 4x AA

StarCraft II Revisited: How Much Gaming PC Do You Need?

As we've mentioned, AMD’s Catalyst 10.7 beta driver and Catalyst 10.8 allows for AA in StarCraft II, which means that we can test the feature on both manufacturers' GPUs.

We're limiting the benchmarks to cards that can handle the Ultra quality setting with 4x AA applied:

The Radeon cards are clearly bested by their similarly-priced GeForce counterparts here. Even the high-end Radeon HD 5870 is surpassed by the GeForce GTX 460, especially when it comes to minimum frame rates. None of the Radeon cards can really handle 4x AA in this benchmark at anything more than 1280x1024. Meanwhile, the GeForce cards can offer performance that is on the edge of playable up until 1920x1080.

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