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VIDEO 18 TO DOWNLOAD: Fascination Surrounds The Oil PC

Strip Out The Fans, Add 8 Gallons of Cooking Oil

The Do-It-Yourself Oil PC: Pour eight gallons of vegetable oil into the running benchmark operation and the silent Athlon-FX-55 system is ready. A GeForce 6800 Ultra as well as other components are included.

Our video 18 follows a completely new approach to the cooling of a high-end PC system: eight gallons of oil are poured here into a specially prepared case with powerful components. And all that during benchmark operation!

The videos from the Munich-based THG lab have been followed by a wide audience ever since the first film in 2001. As we did for our previous films, we offered Video 18 in three different formats from the get-go. All the while, we've always attempted to achieve an optimum picture quality with a comparably very low bit rate.

In order to cater to the wishes of a few readers who don't want to install an additional video codec, we offer the new video in WMV9 format for the MS Windows Media Player as well as for Apple in Quicktime format (H.264).

Apple has caught up with its Quicktime format (7.0.3 Pro), which is much easier to operate than the competition. The video was coded with H.264.

In addition, the file is compressed with a ZIP packer so that, as a result, a 20 MB file is ready to be downloaded. A playing length of three minutes and 45 seconds with stereo sound results in an average bit rate of 5.7 MB/min, or 93 kB/s.

Our preference for the DivX codec has changed, since the new version 6 is less suitable for encoding than its predecessor 5.2.1. Thus, for this video the "old" version was again used for now. The market for compressing procedures is transforming altogether in that the Microsoft WMV9 codec is displaying good characteristics similar to the DivX 5.2.1 and is much easier to handle. Apple's Quicktime Pro 7.0.3 has also really caught up and now works with the modern H.264 codec. The handling is the easiest thing in the world and clearly better than for DivX or WMV9. You can convince yourself by simply downloading the Apple version of the video.

The new video can be downloaded here:

Download video 18 in the DivX format

Download video 18 in the WMV9 format
Download video 18 in the Quicktime format

If the video doesn't play, then you can download and install either DivX Player, MS Windows Media Player or Apple Quicktime Player.

Technical data THG video Oil PC
Video resolution 540 x 432 @ 25 fps
Aspect ratio 4:3
Color depth 16 bit
Audio signal Stereo, 16 bit, 48 KHz
Bit rate audio 96 kBit/s (12 kBytes/s)
Bit rate video 650 kBit/s (81 kBytes/s)
Total bit rate 746 kBit/s (93 kBytes/s)
Compression video MPEG-4 DivX, 5.2.1 Pro codec, 2 pass, bi-directional encoding
Compression audio MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3), Fraunhofer
Color space YUV
Run time 3:45 minutes
File size 20 MB
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