Strip Out The Fans, Add 8 Gallons of Cooking Oil

The Important Step Of Sealing The CPU Base

The CPU base must be sealed tight against seeping oil - otherwise there will be problems. To achieve this, the retention module is glued to the heat sink and the motherboard and then additionally made impermeable with silicone. However, this can easily be removed in case you want to change the CPU.

Our initial attempts had shown that the poured oil sporadically led to crashes. The cause was also quickly found: The processor base together with the CPU and the heat sink had to be made impermeable to the liquid. Quite a bit of labor and time are necessary for this, since just like for the case, we first had to use special glue and then silicone. After successful sealing, the system works without a hitch.

We have the following explanation for this phenomenon: On the motherboard in the area of the CPU base, the oil is responsible for increasing the capacitive resistance between the individual wiring. In short, the oil acts as a dielectric material. Since very high frequencies occur on the motherboard, the capacitive resistance goes down. Accordingly, this then influences (or tampers with) the digital signals, particularly in the area of the CPU base. After all, 939 pins are located there in a very tight space.