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Display Quality: Color Gamut

Samsung Series 7 11.6" Slate: Breathing New Life Into Tablet PCs

Samsung's IPS Panel Under The MicroscopeSamsung's IPS Panel Under The Microscope

Under a microscope, it's difficult to distinguish the tell-tale features of this LCD screen, since Samsung uses a fairly thick sheet of glass. Even still, we're able to identify certain clues, like the small tab on the end of each subpixel. We're able to confirm our suspicion that this is a Samsung display by disassembling the Series 7 Slate and finding an SEC3052 IPS panel.

This is the first IPS-based tablet we've tested. But this isn't just any IPS panel, like the ones found on Apple's iPad and Asus' Transformer. Samsung is using the same Superbright Plus Technology (SPT) that originally debuted with its Series 9 notebooks. Most IPS panels deliver around 300 nits of luminance, but SPT claims to enable 400 nits without sacrificing 170o viewing angles. 

Compared to other IPS displays, the Series 7 Slate delivers slightly better color performance, but it falls short of the Galaxy Tab 10.1's gorgeous Super PLS panel.

Interestingly, Samsung's Slate has excellent contrast ratio. but that can't be attributable to its brightness because white luminance maxes out at 363 nits (lower than Samsung's claims). Thanks to deep blacks, however, the Series 7 11.6" Slate is still able to achieve a contrast ratio over 1000:1. This really helps when you're trying to discern details in movies with dark color palettes.

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