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Multimedia Applications

Sony Tablet S Review: The Media Enthusiast's Dream Tablet

Music Player

Sony's music player is much cleaner than the implementations we've seen on other Android-based tablets, but we especially like the unique cover art view. At first glance, it might seem more cluttered, but once you get use to the arrangement of CD covers, the interface is incredibly easy to use.

Video Player

Most tablets don't come with a native video player. Instead, you're forced to lean on Android's very restrictive Gallery app to play movies, trailers, and video clips. Fortunately, there are plenty of third-party players freely available on Android Market. Some of them are pretty darned good. But the video player app included on the Tablet S is integrated with Sony's DLNA interface, sharing the same bright white background theme.

Sony Tablet S: Music Video Player Tour

Unfortunately, we couldn't screenshot video playing on the tablet due to Sony's protected video path. However, the video tour, provided by Sony, does a decent enough job of covering navigation and functionality.

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