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A-Data And Aeneon

Triple-Channel DDR3: 6GB Kit Roundup

A-Data Vitesta DDR3-1600+ CAS 8

Sold as part number AD31600E002GMU3K, A-Data’s 6 GB, DDR3-1600 CAS 8 triple-channel kit advertises 8-8-8-24 timings at 1.65 V. A reminder of the product’s past is its maximum 1.85 V overclocking voltage, which is where the plus in the series' name comes from. We certainly won’t be using such high voltage in our Core i7 memory overclocking assessment.

A maximum SPD automatic configuration speed of 667 MHz (DDR3-1333) at 9-10-10-25 timings further indicates that these were developed for the higher-voltage Core 2 platform market, but we were anxious to see how far we could push this product at Core i7-appropriate voltage levels.

A-Data branded products are backed by a full lifetime warranty.

Aeneon XTune DDR3-1600 CAS 9

We mentioned in our introduction that a single company had provided the earlier Core 2 platform market with DDR3-1600 at standard voltage levels, and that company is Aeneon. When it came time for the Core i7 transition, the only update Aeneon had to make was to create a new box for its triple-channel kit.

Because these modules were designed from the outset to operate at standard voltage, SPD automatic configuration speeds up to DDR3-1667 aren’t a problem for Aeneon’s part number AXH860UD20-16H-K-6G, 6 GB triple-channel kit. An XMP extension at DDR3-1600 allows moderate 9-9-9-28 timings to be easily set with no increase in voltage.

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