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Quick Sync: Performance And Power Consumption

Second-Generation Ultrabooks: Faster And Cheaper With Ivy Bridge

Quick Sync was one of our favorite features introduced alongside Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture. With Ivy Bridge, it gets even better. The Core i7-3720QM slashes Blu-ray conversion time by almost 50% (~7:30 minutes) compared to the -2820QM in our lab. The 17 W Core i5-3427U finishes the same task in 10:19. The -2467M takes an astounding 25:35 to process the same workload.

Transcoding video via Quick Sync appears to be a more efficient process now as well. The CPU utilization of our Core i5-3427U was consistently higher than the -2467M, perhaps a result of optimizations the company claims to have made to its graphics engine allowing its x86 cores to do more work. Meanwhile, power consumption increased by only 1-2 W (5-10%).

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