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Cumulative Performance Index

How Well Do Workstation Graphics Cards Play Games?

The Cumulative Performance Index

Similar to what you see in our 2012 Graphics Card Charts, I calculated cumulative results for all three of our tested presets and used the synthetic 100 percent value for the typical performance level of each category. Consequently, all graphics cards that are at or above 100 percent meet or exceed the requirements of the category.

AMD's FirePro W9000 is the best-performing workstation graphics card, managing to compete aggressively against the Radeon HD 7970 desktop board. The FirePro W7000, with its Pitcairn GPU, performs similarly to AMD's Radeon HD 7870 when you scale performance to account for a lower clock rate.

Meanwhile, the FirePro W8000’s performance is disappointing in spite of its modern Tahiti GPU. It did well in our workstation graphics card launch article, so we know it handles the professional applications it was designed for well. But it just can't replicate that performance in games.

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