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Each year, Tom's Hardware editors from around the world head to Taipei, Taiwan for Computex. Check here for coverage of the latest motherboards, processors, memory, graphics cards, storage devices, peripherals, and of course, the booth babes.


Several members of the Tom's Hardware team, from multiple countries, made the trip to Taipei, Taiwan, for Computex 2014. The show saw many new products announced, and we're recognizing those that impressed us...

news - JUNE 13 6

Xigmatek's Nebula enclosure was showcased at Computex 2014 in multiple colors, which certainly caught our attention.

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news - JUNE 13 17

Corsair's new Graphite series 380T enclosure is a nice case for portable Mini-ITX systems.

news - JUNE 13 19

Noctua showed off its Active Noise Cancellation technology at Computex 2014.

news - JUNE 13 11

Noctua had many new heatsinks on display at Computex 2014.

news - JUNE 12 16

Noctua presented a number of very interesting new fan products at Computex 2014.

news - JUNE 12 2

Cryorig has revealed two mid-range CPU cooling products.

news - JUNE 12 1

Cryorig demonstrated a customizable fan that can be disassembled. The company also showed off its CPU coolers in pretty colors.

news - JUNE 11 8

DeepCool has entered the all-in-one water cooling market with its Maelstrom series.

news - JUNE 11 3

DeepCool's new SteamCastle enclosures look funky!

news - JUNE 11 1

Roccat's new Tyon mouse has an analog thumb paddle for improved in-game control.

news - JUNE 11 3

SilverStone's Milo ML07 might be coming out in many varieties.

news - JUNE 11 1

EVGA has a prototype of its first keyboard along with a prototype of an ACX cooler for the GTX Titan Z.

news - JUNE 11 7

MSI showed off three very low-power motherboards at Computex 2014.

news - JUNE 10 15

Asus showcased white motherboards at Computex, along with a four lane PCIe-to-M.2 adapter.

news - JUNE 10 23

SilverStone's new liquid cooler doesn't have a pump, yet the liquid still moves.

news - JUNE 10 4

Next-gen AquaCharger leads Lepa forward. (Yes, we just said that.)

news - JUNE 10 7

SilverStone's new SG13 Mini-ITX Enclosure is tiny.

news - JUNE 10 3

Slim cooling solutions highlight Gelid's latest product array.

news - JUNE 9 10

The SilverStone TJ12 has been dubbed the Companion Cube at the SilverStone office.

news - JUNE 9 0

Full tower cooling and storage in a more convenient package.

news - JUNE 9 16

Super Flower's new Titanium PSUs can push up to 1600 W, beating the competition by a good 100 watt margin.

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