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We've been messing with Microsoft's Xbox One for a while now, and it's surprisingly hard to compare against Sony's PS4. Join us as we walk through the hardware, the software, and the console's role...

news - APRIL 22 6

The transaction is scheduled to close on Friday.

Microsoft on the Community

Microsoft experts answer your questions

news - APRIL 19 8

Microsoft's newest feature for Windows Phone developers is the ability to respond to reviewers.

Tutorial - APRIL 20

If you have more then one operating system installed or wish to remove an operating system from the boot menu, you can use the following...

news - APRIL 17 21

Even the IRS is still using Windows XP.

news - APRIL 17 36

No more updates for Windows 8.1 users until this major Update is installed.

news - APRIL 16 36

Someone at Microsoft loves us.

news - APRIL 16 16

Microsoft has a new all-in-one keyboard that includes a touchpad.

news - APRIL 16 19

Here's another way to subscribe to Office 365.

news - APRIL 15 11

Micosoft's newest Xbox One update is now being pushed to consoles around the world.

news - APRIL 14 7

Microsoft may be targeting the Tegra Note and Galaxy Note tablets.

news - APRIL 14 6

Microsoft is allowing Windows Phone developers early access to Windows Phone 8.1.

news - APRIL 9 13

Behind the scenes and hands on with Microsoft's personal digital assistant.

news - APRIL 9 65

Thanks for the good times, Windows XP.

news - APRIL 8 47

Want the Update for Windows 8.1 right now? This is how you can manually install it.

news - APRIL 7 32

Microsoft says it's still figuring out an Xbox 360 emulator.

news - APRIL 7 13

You have to wonder how this bug got past QA.

news - APRIL 2 14

The who's who of Nokia's high-end Lumia phones.

news - APRIL 1 3

Even though smartphones support exchange, this app will have more features.

news - MARCH 24 59

Get a credit when you go with the new OS.

news - MARCH 20 53

Microsoft has unveiled the next generation of its DirectX API.

news - MARCH 18 16

The 4G LTE version of Microsoft's Surface has finally arrived.

news - MARCH 16 20

Microsoft is experimenting with license-free Windows Phone in India.