Report: Dell, HP Working on 3D Gaming Laptops

We're as excited as anyone else about 3D gaming so any little tidbit of news we come across makes us squeal like little girls (and only one of us is actually female). Digitimes today reports that HP and Dell are both working on a 3D gaming laptop. Yay!

While it's not much, the report details that Wistron has landed 3D notebooks orders from Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Dell. Digitimes goes on to cite a Chinese-language Commercial Times report that says Wistron is currently negotiating with Lenovo and Sony and adds that since Wistron's 3D notebook adopts a 3D system based on its own patents, the cost of the device is not much higher than that of traditional notebooks.

Who else is excited? Let us know what you think of 3D gaming in the comments below.

  • tsiberious
    Oh boy, now I can take my laptop on road trips with 3d and get two kinds of motion sickness!
  • Bolbi
    I wouldn't pay more than an extra $50 for it. Flat-screen gaming is good enough for me right now. In the future, I can see this becoming more popular and having better uses than just more visually appealing games. Then I would more seriously consider it.
  • crom
    Its a fad. It'll have a lack of support, and then you'll have shelled out the extra cash for something that is hardly supported. Kind of like buying a dedicated physics card.
  • raceway99
    sounds cool but pointless if the graphics card isn't good enough
  • zzz_b
    "... Lenovo negatiating with Lenovo ..."

    Hmmm. Do I miss something here???
  • chaohsiangchen
    Where is the external PCI-e bus that we are promised a few years ago?
  • Greg_77
    "... Lenovo is currently negotiating with Lenovo ..."

    That will be some tough negotiation ;)
  • I'm not holding my breath. It'll probably be overpriced and not as powerful as it could/should be. I'll stick with my powerful and well-priced Gateway model.

    *Still waiting on some sort of industry adopted hardware standards for interchangeable and/or upgradeable video cards for laptops. :/* This is way way way overdue, esp. with the general migration to laptops...
  • dark_lord69
    I never understood the whole laptop gaming market.
    Lets see... slower performance for more money...
    Unless your somewhat rich laptop gaming is not a option.
    Plus I like the idea that I can upgrade my video card to whatever I choose. (All the other components I can upgrade easily because I'm a technician.)
  • Shadow703793
    Three things are certain:

    1. You will pay a huge premium kind of like Apple Tax.

    2. Won't come close to a high end desktop.

    3. You can build a better desktop for about the same price as this laptop.