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3dfx Has Still Not Returned, No Matter What Twitter Says

A recoloured piece of Voodoo 5 box art being used by the Twitter account
(Image credit: 3dfx Interactive)

The Twitter account known as 3dfxofficial is at it again, tweeting almost certain nonsense with just enough verisimilitude to make us want to believe it. Having previously claimed that fondly remembered ‘90s graphics card manufacturer 3dfx would be returning, with a date of August 5th, its latest digital missive claims it will not only be manufacturing GPUs but also smart TVs and even phones.

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The statement, embedded above, claims a San Francisco company called Jansen Products has acquired 3dfx’s assets and is trademarking the name. Its engineers will be answering questions about the return on the 5th. Allegedly.

Whoever’s behind the account can re-color all the Voodoo 5 box art it likes, but things just don’t add up. We couldn’t find a reference to a company of that name in the EDGAR database of company filings, or on Google beyond a Belgian building company, and the trademark remains cancelled or expired. The name Jansen, keen minds will note, is just a little bit close to Jensen, the adopted name of Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

Unless Nvidia (which owns the defunct GPU brand) is planning to rebrand ARM as 3dfx once the lawyering over its planned takeover is finished, or there’s a special edition 1050Ti on its way, we’re still filing this in the large round receptacle in the corner before getting misty eyed about Voodoo 3 cards and Unreal Tournament.

  • JoBalz
    90s graphics card manufacturer 3dfx would be returning, with a date of August 5th,
    And I suppose Donald Trump will be carrying the deal in his briefcase when he returns to the White House on August 5th. Neither will be happening. The Q-conspiracy must be branching out (sarc)