First 9800GX2 Cards Debut

Hong Kong - Nvidia's NDA has lifted and over the next few hours you'll see a flurry of product announcements and benchmarks spring up around the Net. Hong Kong-based Palit is one of the first companies to announce a card and it is including an extra twist - free game server hosting for the first three months.

Palit's 9800 GX2 card contains two Nvidia 9800 graphics processors in a single package. Both processors run at 600 MHz while the 1 GB of GDDR3 memory runs at 2 GHz. The card has dual DVI outputs along with HDMI out.

Hard core enthusiasts should be able to run 4-way SLI by popping in two such cards into a computer. Of course if you are really insane, you might pop in three cards for 6-processor madness ... that is, if and when Nvidia decides to release those drivers.

Palit is offering free server hosting courtesy of Primary Target to the first 200 buyers who register their serial numbers online. The servers range from 100-slot Teamspeak and Ventrillo chat servers to 48-slot Battlefield 2 servers.