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ADATA Doubles Down on SATA III With Value SSD

The S510 is only available in a 120 GB capacity (though with it being hailed as a budget-friendly SSD, why not a 64 GB version, ADATA?) and is equipped with a SandForce SF-2200 series controller, Asynchronous (MLC) NAND Flash memory, and native support for the SATA 6Gb/s platform. It has a MTBF of 1 million hours, TRIM support, features a 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch mounting bracket, free Disk Migration Utility software, along with a 3-year warranty.

ADATA lists the S510 performance numbers for sequential reads and writes as 550 MB/s and 510 MB/s (ATTO), 4K Random Write (Aligned): 60,000 IOPS (Max 85,000 IOPS). AS-SSD performance shows a big difference with sequential reads and writes at up to 200 MB/s and 140 MB/s respectively.

Read more about the SSD at ADATA's Product Page.

  • theuniquegamer
    good ssd
    but i need ssd to be cheaper
    1$ per gB is for an affordable ssd
  • Pyree
    ^the $/GB far affordable ssd is different for everyone (for me I thought $2/GB is an affordable price and got an ssd back then, and even it is cheaper now, approaching ever closer to $1/GB
  • Pyree
    something happened and my last post didn't quite finish. Continue...

    actually ocz vertex plus is at $1/GB now, I didn't regret on the upgrade.

    @Doug Crowthers
    So how much is it? That will be what many of us want to know.
  • phatboe
    Any info on MSRP or any sort of pricing? After reading the article title I was expecting some sort of pricing info.
  • eddieroolz
    If it's announced as a budget SSD it seems strange to be missing the price info.
  • thething
    AS-SSD performance shows a big difference with sequential reads and writes at up to 200 MB/s and 140 MB/s respectively

    I didnt understand this part, whats AS-SSD ??
  • joytech22
    I want to see affordable SSD's that are at least 500-1TB at least a few years into the future, so I can use it for my video/audio/image editing. I have 120GB now but it's just not enough.
  • Wish I Was Wealthy
    Gees! Most people would think that this 120GB SSD is just fine. You can off load most of your gear onto a HDD with a larger capacity. Anyway I call a 64GB SSD or even a HDD suitable for surfing & that is all it is good for. 32GB surfing,64GB surfing & 120GB & over for gaming,etc.
  • needs to be about 10 cents/GB and then we will put 1 TB SSD in a netbook/laptop/tablet and prob 64 GB RAM at that point with 64-bit OS. maybe its 5 years away? or maybe we will just have a removable 500 GB SD card to run everything from?
  • animosityx
    All sandforce budget SSDs show lower speeds on AS-SSD benchmark due to the fact that AS-SSD includes incompressible data. Asynchronous NAND preforms much more poorly with incompressible data as compared to compressible. The reported ATTO speeds are as high as they are because ATTO uses only compressible data. Im not sure why the author of this article feels the need to point out the "big difference" as if it is something out of the ordinary...