AMD A10-6800K APU Overclocked to Over 8.0 GHz

A Finnish overclocker going by the name "The Stilt" has managed to overclock AMD's flagship APU part, the A10-6800K, to just past 8.0 GHz. The chip was cooled using liquid nitrogen and pumped full of juice on a voltage of 1.992 V. This combination yielded a temperature of a somewhat chilly -185°C.

The CPU's base clock was set at 126.99 MHz and the multiplier at 63.0x, rendering a CPU clock speed of 8000.48 MHz. The most impressive part of this overclock, though, isn't the sheer clock speed alone (contrary to what you might believe), but rather that this clock speed was attained on all four cores of the APU simultaneously. That's right; no part of the APU was disabled during this overclock. Normally, to achieve such speeds, all but one of the cores must be disabled.

The motherboard used was an Asus F2A85-V PRO in combination with 4 GB of G.Skill DDR3 memory. The memory was left running at an effective speed of 1693.2 MHz.

See the CPU-Z validation here.

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  • WithoutWeakness
    That's an absurd overclock. I know some people find overclocking like this pointless because it's not attainable for normal users and therefore seems like a waste of time. However, I think it's a great exercise to see just how far an architecture and process can be pushed if you can take the thermal and power limits out of the equation. As technology moves forward and transistors shrink we will continually see more cores and lower power consumption but it's amazing to see that same design be able to go the other direction and offer huge increases in clock speed and performance. It's impressive to see that the APU design that was thought to be destined for low-mid range "gaming" laptops is also scalable to the very high end of consumer desktop use (excluding workstation needs).
  • bombebomb
    Wonder how the GPU was running on it.
  • nforce4max
    AMD is achieving what Intel didn't didn't with the Slugtiam 4, give it another year to two years and we will see someone bragging about hitting 10ghz.

    I would like to see this benched ;)
    Doubt it could be benched beyond 5-6ghz