TK Xpressar RCS100 for Radeon HD 4000

Ready to take the leap into liquid cooling or phase change cooling, but not quite ready to figure it all out yourself? Thermaltake presents us with its Xpressar RCS100. Graphics Cooling solution to follow.

Thermaltake, one of the world leaders in PC cooling technologies is wowing people with its unveiling of the Xpressar line – namely the RCS100. The RCS100 is a phase change based cooling system, currently for your CPU only, in a specialized chassis. AMD based graphics processing unit solutions are to follow. Read on.

Xpressar RCS100 is capable of lowering CPU temperatures by roughly 20 degrees more than liquid cooling solutions. A difference of 20 degrees not only prolongs the life of your processor, which is not a very big concern it seems with the rate at which new products fly to the shelves these days. However, this difference means higher and/or more stable over-clocking in a near ready to run package. Thermaltake spent a great deal of time researching and testing the RCS100 (four years to be exact) before releasing it to ensure rock solid stability and reliability. Something that Thermaltake is well known for.

Aside from the awesomeness of the RCS100, Thermaltake has also announced their initiative with AMD to redesign the Xpressar system for use on ATI Radeon HD 4000 series graphics cards. This is something that some home enthusiasts could be looking for, since all high-end graphics cards are known to run with some heat behind them. Phase change based cooling also makes far less noise than conventional heatsink/fan based solutions. We all know how loud some of those GPU fans get under load, right?

Phase change cooling systems are hardly eye opening news, but the fact that the Xpressar is a DC inverted type compressor in such a small form factor, it is something worth talking about. Most phase change units are designed with the same footprint as the base of your chassis – not very discrete at all and they don’t look very nice either. The Xpressar unit however fits inside the chassis, hidden and out of sight essentially. The RCS100 makes use of an intelligent IC controller to control everything and avoid condensation problems seen with other phase change configurations.

There is no word if Thermaltake has plans for the Nvidia platform at this time. Although it is entirely possible that Thermaltake will provide that fan base with something in the near future.

Link to the Xpressar site here.

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  • ravenware
    Thermaltake Xpressar RCS100 soon to be redesigned

    Redesigned? Hell, when is it going to be released?

    No one seems to have the thing in a build or chassis.

    I want one that can be modular though and fit into empty 5.25 bays.
    The thermaltake case their displaying it in is tacky and cheap looking.
    Rather put it in a nicer case.
  • falchard
    I like thermaltake cases. I think it would be difficult for them to design it for cases that aren't their own. I also think they decided on that case because of the removable motherboard tray.

    I would imagine nVidia cards would be a good market for this device. nVidia cards run crispy compared to AMD cards.
  • zodiacfml
    extreme cooling is becoming less relevant these days.
    i rather see from thermaltake an easy to use watercooling kit that integrates a waterpump on the radiator the size of 120mm then sell waterblocks of various cpu's and gpu's.