AMD Bulldozer, Llano Launch Dates Leaked

Based on information gathered by "industrial sources," various reports are indicating that AMD plans to launch its upcoming high-end desktop Bulldozer CPUs sometime during the week of June 20, 2011.

According to the reports, Bulldozer will arrive in quad-core, six-core and eight-core variants using the FX brand name. Two will be AMD FX4000-series chips, two will be AMD FX6000-series chips and four will be AMD FX8000-series chips. Four processors are slated to arrive in Q2 2011 while the other four are planned for a Q4 2011 release.

After the release of the initial Bulldozer processors in June, AMD is expected to launch its Llano "A-Series" APUs. These will arrive on the market in two-core, three-core and quad-core variants during the week of July 4. A total of eleven Llamo APUs will be released throughout the calendar year, the reports claim.

An additional leaked slide maps out the next two years, revealing that all three Llano APUs will supposedly support 1,600 MHz DDR3 memory at 45W and feature the "BeaverCreek" and "WinterPark" integrated DirectX 11 GPUs. The Llano APUs will target the mainstream and performance markets during 2011 whereas the Zacate and Ontario will focus on the essential and sub-12-inch markets respectively.

Looking ahead into 2012, AMD's roadmap shows the Trinity, Richland, Wichita and Krishna APUs. The first three will target the essential, mainstream and performance markets while the Krishna APU will target the sub-12-inch devices. All four feature Fusion graphics and support DDR3 memory.

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  • welshmousepk
    I hate people make assumptions on a brand new and un-tested architecture.

    Unless you can see the future, you should keep your misinformed opinions to yourselves.

    Bulldozer could be a failure, or the greatest thing in computing since the dedicated GPU. only time will tell.
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  • fazers_on_stun
    Hmm, saw this on Dailytech this morning. C'mon, THG - you guys are REALLY slow! :P You should at least visit Dailytech twice a day to copy their news leads..
  • adamboy64
    This is good news. Will be excellent to see how these new Bulldozers work out as I may well be in the market for a new PC around then. Here's hoping AMD do well with them.
  • eklipz330
    man if these aren't as fast as the i7's, i don't know how long AMD will last... intel is two gens ahead of them right now...