AMD Launches 45-nm Opteron Line

Today AMD launched its 45-nm Quad-Core Opteron line of processors, featuring low power consumption with high-end results.

With the rising demand for low power consumption, AMD answers the call with its new line of Opteron (aka Shanghai) 55-watt ACP processors, now available in five flavors through global OEMs and "solution providers." Currently HP utilizes AMD's processor in eight server systems; Quad-Core AMD Opteron HE processor-based servers from Rackable Systems are also available with systems from Dell, Sun and other companies coming soon.

According to AMD, the Opteron HE (highly efficient) line offers speeds ranging from 2.1 to 2.4 GHz while saving money during idle time, consuming 20 percent less power than competing systems. AMD designed the Opteron HP processor for businesses needing heavy processor power during peak hours and energy saving solutions during low-utilization hours. The pricing for the three chips ranges from $316 to $1,514.

“In the current economic environment, datacenter managers are under more pressure than ever to reduce costs without compromising the latest features or performance,” said Patrick Patla, general manager, Server and Workstation Business, AMD. “The new Quad-Core AMD Opteron HE series processor offers unrivaled performance-per-watt and cost-efficiencies for a wide range of configurations without a potential front-side bus bottleneck. In the second quarter AMD plans to take energy-efficiency to the next level in introducing even lower ACP processors for the unique demands of cloud computing environments.”

AMD also unveiled the two meatier Quad-Core Opteron SE (special edition) processors, both featuring speeds of 2.8 GHz and a 105-watt ACP thermal envelope. The Opteron 2386 SE is priced at $1,165 (two-socket) and the Opteron 8386 SE at $2,649 (four- to eight-socket). Head here to get a complete list of AMD pricing.

AMD said that these new processors are also installed into three HP systems as well as other AMD technology partners. According to InformationWeek, AMD will ship faster models of the SE processor later this year. The company also said that both the HE and SE can plug into motherboards running AMD's older 65-nm Opteron processors, however consumers will first need to upgrade the BIOS.

"With IT decision-makers looking to do more with less, the newest Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor can help drive data center efficiencies and reduce complexities with innovations that offer superior virtualization performance and increased performance-per-watt," the company said.

AMD launched the first nine 45-nm Quad-Core Opteron processors back in mid-November, and then released its line of Phenom II desktop processors at the beginning of the month. To view more about the new Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor, head to the press kit here.

  • average joe
  • Niva
    I hope they sell a lot of the 4 and 8 point chips, they need the money badly.
  • neiroatopelcc
    what are the model number ranges of the 65nm cpu's ?
    I've got 3 esx hosts with 285 processors - are they the 65nm type, or older 90nm ones?
  • nekatreven
    neiroatopelccwhat are the model number ranges of the 65nm cpu's ? I've got 3 esx hosts with 285 processors - are they the 65nm type, or older 90nm ones?
    I usually just put the part number into google and catch the newegg link. They'll usually still have the specs up even if they no longer sell the part, and they are usually pretty accurate, especially for older parts. People flame them in the comments if they are wrong.
  • smithereen
    AMD needs these to sell badly.
  • aracheb
    amd opteron market has never gone down...

    i thinks, this and video cards are the only 2 things that are keeping amd alive today..
  • average joe
    There server chips are solid. Thier graphics cards are very well engineered. I hope that doesn't change. I'm not worried about them disappearing though. The sovereign wealth fund of Dubai has deep pockets.