AMD Radeon HD 7970 Quad CrossFireX Stomps 3DMark Records

In an article on the overclocking world rankings HWBOT, it was reported that Asus ROG's Andre Yang posted to Facebook a news update showing off new World Records for 3DMark and Unigine Heaven. HWBOT does point out the results are not confirmed to be legit just yet. It is believed that the results will be made official after the official launch of the Radeon HD 7970 on January 9th

(Image credit: KingpinCooling)

Yang used four Radeon HD 7970's and an Intel Core i7-3960X on an Asus Rampage IV Extreme X79 motherboard to achieve the five "unofficial" world records. With the help of overclocking on liquid nitrogen, he performs the benchmarks with CPU clock speed @ 5.6 GHz and GPU clock speed up to 1,600 MHz.

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3DMark11 (Xtreme)

3DMark11 (Performance)

3DMark11 (Entry)

3DMark Vantage (Performance)

Unigine Heaven (DX11 Xtreme)

The following table shows the comparison to the respective current record:

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Benchmark (Setting)New world record? (4 x GPU)Current world record (4 x GPU)
3DMark11 (Xtreme)17 43212 264
3DMark11 (Performance)32 72827 928
3DMark11 (Entry)33 13232 950
3DMark Vantage (Performance)83 76179 364
Unigine Heaven (DX11 Xtreme)75216701
Row 5 - Cell 0
  • Derbixrace
    awesome scores but they will get better with better drivers and when more GPUs are available so they can cherry pick, also you can see that its being CPU bottlenecked on everything except 3Dmark11 Xtreme and Unigine Heaven Extreme.
  • julius 85
  • deathengine
    Nice, and what i love is how practical this is for the masses. ;)
  • mobrocket
    i know what joke willl be coming
  • classzero
    deathengineNice, and what i love is how practical this is for the masses.
    Exactly, these outlying scores only skew the comparisons of people bench marking their usable rig.
  • wolfram23
    Holy crap almost 1.5ghz on the core clock!

    And yeah that's a pretty sound beating, especially the Unigene Heaven bench.
  • sosofm
    Another world record. :)
  • nforce4max
    I WTB two pls :o
  • Yeah, but the main question is still without answer: can it play crysis? :)
  • pacioli
    Wow! This has no practical application...