Activision's Blur Allows You to Tweet and Drive

Activision's PR sent over an email reporting that Bizarre Creations is integrating Twitter functionality into its upcoming arcade racing game, Blur. According to the company, gamers can tweet about anything they want, anytime they want within the game's interface.

Bizarre Creations Social Media Manager Ben Ward provided an example of the new feature by tweeting from within Blur as seen here. The company also stated that gamers will be able to tweet from within the Blur Multiplayer Beta scheduled to launch in March.

During Activision Blizzard's financial call with investors, the company revealed that Blur will hit store shelves sometime in Q2 2010. Blur was originally slated for November 2009, however Activision pulled the game from its holiday lineup. Activision said that it wanted to give the developers more time to polish Blur (or figure out how to integrate Twitter) before it hits the streets.

Blur is now slated for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC. Currently it's unknown whether PC gamers will get a taste of the multiplayer beta launching next month.

  • jsc
    A solution looking for a problem.

    At least when they said "Drive", they meant "game" not "car".
  • redplanet_returns
    this now gives the cops the perfect rationale for fining activision supporters
  • dman3k
    Ok, why did Activision think we need to tweet while playing a video game from within a video game?
  • NapoleonDK
    Uhm... Yeah, thanks but no thanks. I refuse to use the aforementioned unmentionable service EVER. (Twitter, sic) Now, maybe if I could post lap times to my FB that might be cool. But really, lap times only matter if you're already on multiplayer with the people you'd be bragging to on your FB in the first place.

    This is useless. Thank you. :)