Adata Rebrands with New, Simple Naming Scheme

You could be the most die-hard tech enthusiast and you'd still get confused by the naming schemes some companies follow. The mish-mash of numbers and letters all thrown together, the number products that don't follow any particular order -- it can be hard to keep up. Adata is hoping to make things easier, though. At Computex this week the company revealed that its streamlining its naming scheme and ditching numbers completely.

Andrea, from Tom's Hardware Italy, reports that upon visiting the Adata booth at Computex, the company revealed it would be changing the names of all of its product lines. In an effort to make things easier to remember, Adata is using the DashDrive name for USB sticks and external HDDs. This umbrella brand will have four sub-brands: DashDrive Elite for professional products, DashDrive Choice for the "cool" products with strange designs and shapes, and DashDrive Durable for rugged Solutions.

Also treated to all new branding is the SSD and DRAM lines. Adata's standard performance products will be dubbed 'Premier,' while 'Premier Pro' will cover higher performance products, and 'XPG' will cover the top-of-the-line max performance products.

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  • alxianthelast
    great image
  • C 64
    alxianthelastgreat imageOne short of Olympic symbol..... :)
  • cybrcatter
    Please change the way this site handles pictures, Tom's.
  • A Bad Day
    Adata would be a great model for some companies.
  • lashabane
    Premier Pro?

    Get ready for a lawsuit from Adobe.
  • freggo
    Adata's "standard" performance products will be dubbed "Premier"
    Is it just me or should a SIMPLE system call a standard product Standart.
    Premier is related to Premium, and that has nothing to do with 'standard'.

    So, we see PR bull at it's finest again.

  • freggo
    cybrcatterPlease change the way this site handles pictures, Tom's.
    Right on... zoom and another zoom... and often you are still at some crappy 480x320 image on a 1920x1200 screen. OK, for a kiddy site but not for a top tech site.
  • ojas
    four sub-brands
    Where's the fourth?