Amazon UK to Deliver Parcels to Cornershops with Collect+

If you've ever ordered from Amazon, chances are you've experienced that sinking feeling that comes with missing the delivery. Amazon UK is currently trying to remedy this issue with a new trial that will allow customers to have their packages delivered to stores near where they live.

A collaboration with courier company Collect+, The Telegraph reports that a total of 5,000 corner shops and newsagents will be participating in the scheme. Initially dealing with shipments of books and clothes, customers will also be able to use Collect+ to return unwanted items. The scheme is designed to offer people a convenient way to collect parcels while also driving traffic for the participating shops.

According to Engadget, Collect+ will be available as a delivery option for customers when they're checking out on Amazon. Similarly, Marketplace sellers can select it as a mode of delivery.

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    A good addition. I just wish Amazon would stop using the lying b******s that are Yodel. Their drivers lie through their teeth and insist no one was in until you explain that you have a security camera and no delivery was attempted. Then suddenly, the failed delivery was due to a nondescript 'system error'.
  • tntom
    This is a great idea! Prevents Amazon from putting corner stores completely out of business. Please bring to the States.
  • aevm
    Amazon and its local competitor Chapters have been doing this in Canada for the past 15 years. Quite convenient - you get home, find a note, pick up your package at a store nearby next time you go shopping. No need to stay home on weekdays.

    The stores benefit too. They put the post office as far from the entrance as possible, so you get to see all the sales.