Tom's Guide: 30 Apps for Rooted Android Phones

Whether it's to get rid of unwanted apps installed by a carrier, a distaste for a custom UI put in place by the handset's manufacturer, or simply a desire to tinker with the device's more advanced settings, many people these days choose to root their Android device. Still, once you've done the deed, it's hard to know which apps are worth installing. There's an endless number of apps for rooted phones -- let the Tom's Guide team guide your hand toward some of the best in '30 Apps for Rooted Android Phones.'

In a past article, we touched on how and why you’d want to "root" your Android phone. It enables you and your apps to use the superuser (or root) permissions of the Linux-based operating system. As a result, you have more control over the device. For example, you can remove preinstalled apps (bloatware), make full device backups, better control the usage of apps, and use and customize more device components and settings.In that past article, we reviewed 15 apps that take advantage of the superuser permissions. Now we'll review 30 more apps you might want to check out, most of which are free. If you see we haven't mentioned your favorite root app, leave a comment and let us know!30 Apps for Rooted Android Phones

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