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Apple Advertises Job for Flexible Display Engineer

Over the last couple of months, there has been a ton of talk about Apple's supposed plans for a smartwatch. In February, word got out about a patent filing detailing a wearable accessory that could be worn on the wrist or elsewhere on the body. Most interestingly, the patent said that this device would have a flexible display and would wrap around a limb in a slap bracelet-like fashion. This wasn't the first time we'd heard whisperings regarding flexible displays from Apple.

Things have been relatively quiet on the smartwatch/flexible-display front as of late. Until today, that is. Apple Insider reports that Apple is on the hunt for an engineer that specializes in flexible displays. The company put up a job posting for the position earlier this month but pulled it on Wednesday.

"Apple Inc. is looking for a Display Specialist to lead the investigation on emerging display technologies such as high optical efficiency LCD, AMOLED and flexible display to improve overall display optical performance," the posting seeking a Senior Optical Engineer read. 

Though the rumor mill has been churning out reports of an iWatch, the posting description is very general. While it's possible Apple is recruiting this person to work on one specific project, it's more likely that the company is hoping to explore the broader prospects of flexible displays.

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