Apple I Sells for $668,000 at German Auction

When the Apple I was released in 1976, it was pretty expensive. Priced at $666, it wasn't a luxury everyone could afford. These days, things are no different. The Apple I still costs an arm and a leg. Actually, these days, it's more like two arms and two legs.

Over the last couple of years, Apple Is have been going for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction houses around the world. Back in November, a working Apple I sold for €400,000 at an auction in Germany. In June, another unit sold for $374,500, this time at an auction run by Sotheby's. This past weekend, an auction in Germany sold an Apple I for a record breaking sum of money. According to Germany auction house Breker, the unit was purchased by an Asian client for a total of $668,000.

That said, Apple I units don't always fetch big bucks. ABC News reported back in October that an Apple I with an asking price of $80,000, or £50,000, went unsold. Auction house Christie's said the top bid was for £32,000 pounds, which was around $51,155 at the time. That price is starting to look like a bargain now, isn't it?

  • sundragon
    I remember playing Castle Wolfenstein on my friend's Apple //e as a kid. The first time I heard a computer speak! The fact that these things are becoming museum pieces makes me feel old :(
  • vaughn2k
    Wow.. this sucks... I can make an Apple I board with similar parts and some parts from old computers, for less than U$150.00. Maybe I should do and make money from this...
  • glasssplinter
    A fool and their money are soon parted. I gotta wonder what you would do with it anyway. Build a glass case and have it sit there for all to enjoy the case? I've got an old 386 laying around, maybe I should see what some idiot is willing to pay for that...still works!
  • SmileyTPB1
    Apple didn't try to reclaim it by stating it was "stolen" or that they didn't authorize the sale because they own all their products in perpetuity and they can't be resold without permission?
  • cats_Paw
    A great proof that here are dumb people out there :D.
  • christop
    Kinda strange it was originally priced at 666.00.
  • kunwho
    Possibly a money laundering scam.
  • lamorpa
    At least it's a little better priced than an iMac or MacBook. Have you seen the prices on those things?
  • syrious1
    an overpriced PCB...... I want some of what that guy is smoking. What a dumbass.
  • leeashton
    wow trypcial toms, VERY late on news I read this almost 7 datys ago, not realy the LATEST news, thats why i do not come here anymore for tech news