Apple: We're 'Unrivaled' in Innovation, We Have No Limits

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that his firm is "unrivaled" in innovation, as well as emphasizing that it has no limits.

"Innovation is strong as ever and in the DNA of the company," he said. "Apple is the center of innovation." He stressed that there is no given formula for innovation, and if there ever were one, wealthy firms would utilize their cash piles to acquire it. Innovation, according to Apple's leader, is ultimately achieved through skills and leadership.

"Apple has skills in software, hardware and services. The model that grew the PC industry where companies specialized. That model is not working for what consumers want today. Consumers want this elegant experience." He referred to the integration of hardware, software and services when he said, "I think we're unrivaled in that."

Cook's comments come after Apple lost its place as the world's most valuable company, as well as Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak stating that the iPhone is "somewhat behind" on smartphone features. He previously expressed concerns regarding the company's creativity, while an analyst stressed that innovation at Apple is "sputtering."

After being sued in relation to demands that it share more of its $137 billion cash pile, Cook claimed that Apple has no limits. He assured investors and analysts that the best has yet to come, as Apple doesn't see any limits in making its products or the future of its business. "It's because of that that Apple's been able to do so many things for so many years, and do things that people didn't know they wanted and now can't live without. We don't think of the world with limits," said Cook.

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  • esrever
  • gamingboy
    "Unrivaled in innovation" huh? Is that why people are abandoning iOS and getting Android devices instead?
  • sacre
    Yet phones interface, design and customizability all remained the same for the past 3 years.

    The iPad remained the same in terms of design

    The iPad mini is just a small version of the same design.

    I fail to see innovation, Apple, I really do. Nothings changed.. My iPhone is as boring as it was since I got it, I can't customize, I can't transfer files, i've changed my computer and now I can't transfer my songs I have to use some third party App..

    Its smooth, fast, responsive and doesn't crash or go choppy on me, i'll give ya that. But god damn I feel i'm just borrowing this phone.

    Innovation, no.
  • alidan
    thanks, that title gave me a good laugh... i needed that after how depressing the last week has been for me.
  • merikafyeah
    The "You're-holding-it-wrong" is definitely one of the all-time greatest innovations we've seen thus far.
    Bar none.
  • Azn Cracker

    **** I just sharted from laughing too hard
  • merikafyeah
    BigMack70bwahahahahahahahahahahaha yWSEwKPo8sThe only area apple has innovated in recently is the area of patent trolling.This one's also pretty accurate:
  • Cons29
    otacon72What other company has $137B in cash reserves? Move along Android children...none, but what other expensive phones tablets do you have that does not let you configure it the way you want to? not let you connect thru blu to other devices other than the same brand? expansion slots? cable that costs like they are made of gold?

    so 137B = innovation? have the UI changed since the last several years?
    and yes those 137B are from those who buy their marketing BS, good thing im not one of those
  • JJ1217
    what.. having a slightly bigger screen can be considered innovation now?