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Apple Applies For Image-Based Authentication Patent

iPhone maker, Apple, has applied for an image-based patent that would authenticate a Mac or iDevice user.

The patent application is entitled "Image-Based Authentication" and describes a method by which an image would be displayed on a Mac or iDevice screen. Options will be showcased asking users to correctly identify what it is. Should they correctly answer, access to a given device will be granted, while an incorrect answer keeps it locked.

Apple's filing depicts an image showing a person's face, with a list of names situated under said image. The user would then have to correctly identify which person's face it is to unlock the device. As for security, the application mentions "multiple rounds," which would require more than one image to be correctly identified.

The company's primary authentication method for iOS devices has been a user-generated password. The patent for its slide-to-unlock feature, meanwhile, was recently granted.

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