Report: Apple Tablet in October for Around $800

The China Times today reports that we'll see the long-rumored Apple tablet sometime in October for around $800. Right now, there's little information on hand that we didn't already know.

Previous rumors said that the tablet would be a touchscreen media player, something to fill the gap between an iPod touch or an iPhone and a Macbook. Back in April Piper Jaffray analyst Gene said the device would cost between $500 and $700, sport a 7"-10" screen and launch in 2010, as opposed to the WWDC date some people assumed.

As Giz reports, the report in the China Times is generally more of the same but with a closer launch date. Like we already knew, Wintek, Foxconn and Dynapack are rumored to have received direct orders from Apple for parts. The China Times reports that we're looking at a 9.7" tablet and that, surprise surprise, Apple will not target low-end customers with the device.

An update to the article says that Foxconn, Wintek and Dynapack refused to corroborate the information in the China Time report, saying their company policies prohibit public disclosure of client information.

Check out the translation here or the original report here.

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  • dman3k
    Costing ONLY 65% more than its PC competitors!!!
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  • dman3k
    Costing ONLY 65% more than its PC competitors!!!
  • war2k9
    I wonder what is the spec, if apple used the same parts as all netbook than it is is WAY OVERPRICE.
  • hallic7
    It will have the apple tax, so it's not for me...