Report: Atom 280 Netbooks Arrive in Q2/Q3

Reports emerge that we could see netbooks incorporating Intel’s Atom N280 processor around the second or third quarter, something netbook fans will no doubt be happy to hear.

Several netbook manufacturers are planning to release 10 inch ultra mobile notbooks based around the new single core Atom including Asus, Acer and Gigabyte. The news comes after a busy netbook weekend at CES, where the industry saw a few netbooks launch with slightly more interesting specs than the norm.

The first was Dell’s Mini 10, a netbook the company is slotting in between it’s Mini 9 and 12 models. The 10 comes with a 720p display and an integrated TV tuner. The other was Sony’s not-a-netbook netbook, the P Series Lifestyle PC, which comes with a 1.6 GHz processor and an 8-inch 1600 x 768 ultra wide display. While it’s not likely to be in the same price range, pretty much everyone has it pegged as a netbook. There was also the MSI Hybrid, which uses both an SSD and a HDD for storage.

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  • Sony P580 has a 1.3 GHZ Atom processor. I wonder if that is the same N280 processor.
  • sammo505
    I wonder if the graphics chip will be better than the 950. I wanna play some CS at work.
  • This doesn't make sense. If you're a netbook fan, then you've probably already bought your netbook. You're not going to buy another, you already have one.
  • Tekkamanraiden
    Hmm maybe they'll clear out the N270 out more inexpensively.
  • bioosonSony P580 has a 1.3 GHZ Atom processor. I wonder if that is the same N280 that's probably the Silverthorne Atom, made for Ultra Mobile, and pocket sized Internet devices.

    the 280 is the successor of the mini notebook Atom 230 processor,and is most likely supported by a better chipset.

    I'd love to see benchmarks between Atom 230/280/330 and the via cpu powered Ion platform.
  • 87thrteam
    Hey ladies and gents, found some detailed info

    Intel Atom N270 Pine Trail-M (N280)
    CPU Intel Atom N270 Pineview-M
    Chipset 945GSE+ICH7M Tiger Point-M
    CPU + Chipset 3 Chips 2 Chips
    Footprint 2174mm2 773mm2
    PCB Layer 6 Layers 4/6 Layers
    Clock 1.6GHz
    Memory Speed DDR2-533 DDR2-667
    IGP GMA950 GMA950
    IPG Clock 133MHz 200MHz
    Avg Power 2.5W 2.0W
    TDP 8.0W 7.0W
    Cooling Fan Fanless

    Same crappy GMA950 with a bit higher clock.

    Original Website
  • vider
    Laugh at it all you want, but I remember running F.E.A.R. back at the day, on a 945 chipset. It didn't look that good, but it didn't look that bad as well. So a 67 MHz improvement in speed is not that bad. It does support Pixel Shading 2.0 (Am I right??).