BenQ Launches 13.3-inch AMD-based Netbook

The Joybook Lite T131 weighs in at just under four pounds, measures 1.1-inches think and runs on AMD’s Yukon chipset and Sempron processor. The Joybook Lite packs a 13.3-inch WXGA (1280x800) display complete with anti-glare, 1 GB of RAM (upgradable to 2 GB), a 250/320 GB hard drive, 2 x USB 2.0, a microphone, headphone jack, a 2-in-1 card reader, built in 802.11b/g/n and ships with Windows Vista Home Basic, with an option to upgrade to Windows Vista Business.

There’s no word on pricing or a U.S. release as of yet but consumers in the Chinese market should be able to get their hands on this machine at the end of the month.

If you’ll remember yesterday, we said we weren’t too sure about the 11-inch EeePC because 11 inches seems a little on the large side for a netbook. The Joybook Lite’s size and OS has us feeling exactly the same way. That said, if they can price it like a netbook, we’ll let this one slide.

Check out the product page here.

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  • squatchman
    Too big to be a netbook, and not enough horsepower to be a notebook.

    BenQ should stick to projectors.
  • scook9
    reasons this is NOT a netbook:
    Not low enough power CPU
    Screen resolution I would actually like

    Just because they managed to make a cheap notebook that also has too few USB ports and no optical drive does not mean its a netbook. Even if it is small, wait, its not - macbooks are this size too (I only use the M word because they are the most common laptops at this size, other companies prefer 15.4" for the most part)
  • Luker3
    I don't think it matter what OS it is running. It is more important to judge a netbook by its capabilities/power requirements. While a semperon isn't flexing too much muscle, it isn't quite like was the Atom is, which is what defines netbooks right now.