Overclocking Competition: Germany Edges Past USA 8-2

The results from Overdrive Germany are in! David Schöppe, Andreas Bock and Manuel Wiesner from Team BenchBros achieved the best results. The Core 2 Duo E8600 processor worked with a frequency of up to 5.8 GHz while the GPU of the XFX Geforce GTX was overclocked from 280 to 900 MHz.

BenchBros triumphed over the U.S. team’s records in the areas of PIFast 4.1, Super PI 1.5 1m, WPrime 1.55 32m and WPrime 1.55 1024m. They did similarly in almost all the 3D marks.

But there was still enough liquid nitrogen for Team macSave – made up of Jürgen Augstein and Dominikus Baur – to shake things up.

Windows Vista Benchmark Results
BenchmarksBest Values
Best Values
PIFast 4.116.94 s16.92 s
Super PI 1.5 1m Digits8.018 s7.984 s
Super PI 1.5 32m Digits9:21.958 s10:01.438 s
WPrime 1.55 32m12.985 s12.89 s
WPrime 1.55 1024m429.141 s421.39 s
Aqua Mark V3222816 Scores207632 Scores
3D Mark 0181190 Scores81658 Scores
3D Mark 0370110 Scores73560 Scores
3D Mark 0533993 Scores34081 Scores
3D Mark 0622460 Scores22468 Scores

When time is shown, (seconds = s) lower values are better. When Scores are present, higher values are better.

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  • Eggrenade
    USA All the Way!
  • neiroatopelcc
    EggrenadeUSA All the Way!

    Naa - europe for the win! takes technological understanding to tweak technology well .. something you ami's dont have - just look at your cars and their cornering (dis)abilities...
  • laverdir

    don't like where overclocking is going these days..

    would like to see '24 hour' rule, where the
    system would have to run 24 hours under full load,
    where the size of LN2 tank wouldn't matter..

    something like famous '24 hours of le mans' race..