Tom's OC Competition: Update 2!

It’s about 6:12PM PST now. I’m recovering from passing out cold from liquid nitrogen asphyxiation, and the four teams are crunching away with benchmark scores. The competition overall is pacing along really nicely, and the teams are getting riled up. We saw a few competitors shaking hands with each other but deep down they’re clearly containing their rage. There have been some friendly exchanges of insulting words to diminish the morale of opposing teams, and even whispers of sabotaging.

We like it! Clearly our competition is not for the faint of heart or those with Barbie doll emotions!

Because of the late start, we decided to take the competition through the evening and into the night. We’ll keep our tents pitched for everyone and just continue to overclock our hardware until our eyeballs fall out — or our beers tip over.

Did I just say beer? I was joking... there’s no booz...

In terms of the details, the four teams are currently competing on overclocking their motherboards, memory and CPUs. This will remain for the rest of the night. When the sun comes up, the teams will end the core system segment and proceed over to GPU overclocking. After that, overall system performance.

We’re keeping score and right now, team OCForums and team Ironmods are taking the lead — but even they are at each other’s necks. The staff at Tom’s is having a difficult time as it is keeping the teams from clawing at each other — we may need a bouncer.

We’re just kidding. In case you couldn’t tell the sarcasm, everyone’s being really nice to each other — too nice darn it...

Numbers to come soon. Check back!

  • mrscrashman22
    well, at least that was not the worst that could have happened...just kidding. keep up the good work guys.
  • mrscrashman22
    hey, you guys need a live video feed for the rest of out here.
  • rambo117
    yehh, a live video feed would be pretty sweet:)
    good luck guys!
  • ckthecerealkiller
    I third the motion for a live video feed!

    Good go on the night overclocking though. We aren't used to the sun as it is. Let alone working in it!!1!1!
  • resonance451
    So how about a drunken overclocking competition?

    And I'll be impressed when your overclocked gaming monster can pour me a beer.